People mistake fiction with reality

I’ve heard a lot of complaints about books and tv shows for being “too unreal”. First about Twilight. People complained that is ridiculous for a vampire to continuously go to high school. Well, if it was me, I’d totally go to high school with the experience of an adult and crush the arrogance of those kids that think they’re all that. That is just an example.

Then there’s “The Vampire’s Diaries”. People kept complaining that Damon’s powers were too unrealistic, to the point that writers made Damon to reach the stage to be beaten up even by the new vampires!

For god’s sake! We’re talking here about vampires and you’re complaining that he can control crows?!?! He could control kitties, who cares? Is fiction and in fiction you’re unlimited! Or you should be.

Just before, I was reading reviews about Sophie Kinsella’s book, “Twenties Girls”, saying that the ghost was too unreasonable! May I roll my eyes here, please? Is a ghost, goddammit!


P.S. I don’t know what I wanted to say, is just that people making too much fuss about fiction not being realistic are the kind of people that I hate and I wish I’d never come across any of them.


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