Midlife crisis in your twenties

Or, how I found out by “googling” it just now, quarter-life crisis.

Seems like a lot of people have it. Not knowing what to do with your life and not seeing any point in it, is terrifying!  And it is intensified by the people around you who seem like they figured everything out. They have dreams, they have achieved things in their life till now, yet they still have a lot of plans. And here is you, watching half of your twenties go by and the only thing that seems to intrigue you is watching TV shows. Then you sit down and try to think a bit about it. Think about your hobbies, about dreams that you had in the past. But fishing or hiking for the rest of your life doesn’t seem like a good plan. Then you start thinking about a “real” job. A career in business or at least in nursing.

But you definitely hate to sit in a chair for 8-10 hours daily with only 2 weeks of holidays per year (honestly, you actually have 4 weeks of holidays per year, but you can only take 2 consecutive weeks off at time-in the summer-and the others you can’t master the guts to ask for coz you’ll get something like “at this time of the year??!!” or ” xx is on sick leave, you can’t take these days off now”. True story, btw).

And you also hate hospitals.

You might like making coffee in a nice, small, coffee shop, or serve cakes, but hey! That’s not a real job and you can do that for a limited period of time (while going to college).


After you think about it really hard, you even lose your sleep, you still couldn’t find a solution. Still have no idea what you should do tomorrow (which, btw, is in one hour and 17 minutes).

It’s said that when you have a problem, you should seek help. Help, from whom? Parents and friends who seem to have it together will only tell you “Don’t act childish. Make up your mind fast. Get married.Get a job.”. To marry who? Where to get that job? And if I get a job, all I hear is that is not a “real” job.

Also, by turning to friends or random people who are in the same situation, didn’t work for me. They can’t give you answers coz they don’t have answers to their own questions. They are as depressed as you are, if not more. It just leads to more confusion and more negativity. Been there. done that.

The most logical is to go to people who’ve been through this crisis and got over it. But those people don’t talk. It’s always the ones who didn’t go through this situation that have an opinion and solution. Could it be that you won’t ever get over this crisis completely and just move on and learn to get along with life? That is scary to think about.


P.S. It was quite funny that after I said in the last post that I was glad I didn’t give up on blogging already, there seemed that no post will come ever. 😀



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