Is the anime promoting the manga?

At least, this is the feeling I’ve got lately.

That seems to not be always the case, as Sailor Moon has the anime version finishing where the manga ends. And One Piece seems to keep up with the manga.

But there are anime, such as 07 Ghost, that has only one season and there’s no sign for a season 2, even though the manga has enough chapters to make material for a second season.

Same goes for Vampire Knight. The anime has 2 seasons, but the plot doesn’t end there. Just recently I thought to give the manga a chance (at my first attempt to read the manga I thought it was a waste of time because it goes exactly like the anime) and I was just amazed how much the plot continues from where the anime ended. Is seriously trilling to read the manga because I never thought the plot would develop that way.

Also, there is Fruits Basket. That was the first time when I noticed that you have to read the manga to know how the story ends.

Uraboku, Loveless, Ouran High School Host Club are just some other examples.

So, is my guess right? The era where the manga was completely made into anime ended? Is this – one/two seasons of anime and for the rest, go read the manga – the new pattern? Is the manga that much more profitable than anime?


5 thoughts on “Is the anime promoting the manga?

  1. That might be the case for low-selling anime, but there are definitely still series like Space Brothers (and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure) that are following the source material for as long as they can. I think the reason why so many aren’t is that the majority of anime aren’t profitable anyway, and some are definitely made as manga promos. Blue Exorcist is a pretty big example – the sales of the manga went up by a factor of 10 (40,000 to 400,000 in 6 months) after the anime aired, though that one was itself a profitable show.

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