But Inside I’m Screaming – Thoughts





The story is not something ground-breaking. It talks about specific things and I don’t expect extravagant plot twists. I didn’t even expect it to, that’s not why I decided to read this book. I started reading it because I wanted some insight into the mind of the mentally ill people who are admitted in that mental institution. I wanted to know what they think, how they see themselves and the world around them.I wanted to know at least about the protagonist, but the book delivers more. You can figure out the other patients too. It actually fascinated me.

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Life… With No Breaks by Nick Spalding





I found it difficult to rate this book, because it’s not…a book. It’s more like multiple blog posts put together in a book. I get that in the past, some blogs got published as books, but I really don’t get the idea. Anyway, some people obviously like the idea, so who I am to judge?

Back to Spalding’s ‘book’. It would make a good blog, one that I would repeatedly go back and read. He writes in an easy manner, easy for the eye and brain to read. The stories are entertaining.At least, I found them entertaining.However, as I said, I don’t like the idea of blog-book. As a book, it was not great. I gave it 3 stars because I was not left with a bad taste after finishing it. It was more like a 2 stars for content as a book, but I didn’t force myself to read it.

Bottom line, if you want something to read on an afternoon, instead of a magazine, pick this up.