I Have Figured It Out

Not everything, but at least I figured out where I was stuck. Why the writing was such a difficult task to me, why I couldn’t say anything when I had a lot to say, I have figured out these things.

I don’t longer care who finds this blog. Some things happened that the blog being revealed to anyone is not longer a concern.

See? This is how life is. The things that are important now, later may not have any meaning. People change, situations change. That’s life.

First of all, I finally have some resolutions. I will go ahead and say 2 of them, but actually may be just 1.

I will start writing. I finally have a plan and I found out where I was stuck. This is the most important thing going on in my life at the moment.

The second plan that I might have is actually an idea. It occurred to me that even thought I have a better understanding of some situations, I am missing out important stuff. So I plan looking into that.

That’s it. It might took me awhile, but I’m starting this new year in good shape!

Define “rich”

I found a text post on tumblr that said: “The problem with rich people is that I am not one”.

The thing is, the word “rich” has different meaning for many people. How much is “rich”? For some may mean 3000$ monthly income, for others 10000$ monthly income, even 100000$ for some. And for some, merely 200$/month is a huge income.

Someone may come at me and say “wealth doesn’t necessarily mean money” and they are right to a certain degree. Continue reading

Seems Like That’s It

I mean, my attempt at blogging.

The reason is that I can’t keep writing my honest opinions. I want this blog to be unknown by people, yet I don’t want to make it private. And by being open to all people, chances are that someone I know might stumble upon it.

This fear is legit because I am good at finding multiple accounts on various websites of people that catch my interest. It can’t be only me with this “superpower”. Every person with a bit of observant eye should be able to.

And despite the fact that I have paranoid tendencies, it has been proven to me multiple times before that you can never be too cautious.

Anyway, I think I will keep writing, but seems like it won’t be anytime soon.

Lunar Legend Tsukihime Anime

I found a show that looks promising. Is not perfect, but after 5 episodes I still want to watch it. 5 episodes is still impressive amount for me as I am pissed off really fast and I do not hang on stuff that irritate me.

These days I was looking for an anime and I couldn’t bring myself to watch Free! or Psycho Pass or Shiki. Free! and Psycho Pass are on my “To watch” list for awhile, but I don’t know… After 1st episode on both, I felt physically unable to bring myself to click play on second episode, despite the fact I was more than 100% convinced that they have potential to be great shows. Continue reading

Kuroko No Basuke Anime: First Impression

I just started watching this anime because I couldn’t resist any longer with all the gifs and photosets on tumblr.

I watched the first 2 episodes and I realized that it wasn’t my first time. I attempted watching this anime awhile ago and I stopped at the same point.

Even though the art is good (I can’t watch/read anything with bad art), I am not quite interested in the plot. (might contain spoilers) Continue reading