I need help!

How do you meet people who like you and want to be with you?

Because, my life is something like this:

-Friend upset with me that I am not calling, but when I’m calling all they do is vent and complain about their problems, criticize me, criticize everyone

-Friend… no, activist VEGAN friend talking about meat eaters and how everyone are just heartless bastards

-Sister who every time we talked was asking money and now is upset because I haven’t talked with her in a long time

-Sister that criticize everything of me and is just trying to use me in whatever she can, but when I don’t give in she gets upset

-That one dude that I showed interest and he got it, but doesn’t seem to give a damn and I wonder what kind of standards does he have for friends


How do you find people to have an interest in you and not treat you like a target of mean jokes or that don’t want to get maximum use of you? Everyone is just looking to leech something from me.

I am not asking for anyone to use in my turn, but at least I want someone to not demand anything from me.


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