Life Truths Are In The Right Books

” The Idea that you can do anything is terrifying.” ~Austin Kleon, Steal Like An Artist

I wish I read this book sooner.

3 years ago, I realized that I am able to do whatever I choose to do. I realized that I can be what I choose to be. Unlike people around me that refused to believe me, I knew I was able to do whatever I put my mind to it.

3 years later, today, I haven’t done shit. Not only I haven’t done any of the big things I could do, but I haven’t done any of the things I would normally do. Here I am, sitting in front of this laptop and still as undecided as I was 3 years ago. And just 2 days ago, while reading a book unrelated to life plans, just from a little phrase, I finally understood!

At some point, I wished I had someone tell me what I should do with my life because I, myself, had no idea. I discovered my hobbies and talents, but I couldn’t decide with which to spent the rest of my life. But I was so annoyed with everyone else when I discovered that all my life I just followed the bad decisions of others, that I refused to hear any suggestion and wanted to make a decision entirely by myself.

I don’t mean that I should just continue to follow others’ plans for my future, but I shouldn’t be so deaf to others’ advice. I could use some tips and make a good decision that would make happy everyone, mostly myself. Yes, Kleon’s book “Steal Like An Artist” is useful in everyday life, not just for making art.

Some restrictions are good in life. I have to put some restrictions to myself otherwise I won’t have shit done for who knows how many more years.



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