People Don’t Believe You When The Truth is Not What They Expected

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of books about the mentally deranged. 

At first, I started reading because I wanted to know what’s in those people’s minds, why are they feared and judged and how do they differ from the rest of the world, but later I read because I felt speechless at the delusion that ‘normal’ people live in.

I could not believe how people lie to themselves and how they refuse to believe the truth. I felt perplexed at the fact that humans demand the truth right and left, but when you tell the truth, they refuse to believe it. Later, they even have the nerve to be mad with the outcome of the situations. All the signs were out there, yet they refused to see them.

I always had this extra sense (sixth, seventh.. whatever you call it) that others seemed to not have. I could see beyond people’s words, I could see that their actions were not matching their words and very often, the actions were telling the truth. However, when I was calling people out on their bullshit, I was told that I was imagining things. As a child, I didn’t know better and I started doubting my judgement. It wasn’t till few years ago that I started acknowledging my own intuition and started to think that maybe I am not strange. I still have trouble to this day to fully trust my intuition.

People never made sense to me, but till recently, I believed that’s because I am weird. However, when I started reading, I finally realized that a very large percent of population are just plain stupid. Bad things happen to them because they are so stupid. They let the bad people do bad things to them because they just refuse to see others how they really are. 

People get in relationships with persons that they don’t know. They see their partners how they wish they were, not how they really are. When the relationship ends badly, they complain about the other person,but truth is, it’s their own fault because they refused to believe the truth. 

I even read reviews about real crime books where people complain that the books were too graphic! Can you believe that? The books are graphic because the crime was horrible like that! People just refuse to acknowledge the criminals and that’s why they get murdered. Just how dumb must you be to leave the front door unlocked and then complain you were robbed? And just how dumb must you be to have unprotected windows on your ground floor and then complain that the rapist got into your house through the broken window?

No wonder this world is it like it is. The majority of population is just fake.



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