Tv Shows That Are More Than Story Telling

And by that, I mean those that are not just about something that just happened, but about human relationships, emotions and thoughts. Actually, I believe there isn’t such a thing as a show that will not reveal you anything about the characters’ inner world, but there are some that reveal you little and some that is just an abundance of information about human nature.


I’ll start with the one that I watched recently:


1. Once Upon A Time

At first glance, the show is about fairy tales. First of all, the fairy tales are not silly things, they hide more meaning than we like  to see in them. We labeled fairy tales as stories for kids and therefore they are silly. I suggest you to watch Jenna Marbles’ videos on youtube talking about the Disney Movies Here and Here .

People might mistake Once Upon A Time for a show meant for kids, but after the first season, I was certain that the majority of the characters needed counseling. The Evil Queen and Rumple(something) were the major cases and I am positive that they could get better. Better, as in, stopping killing and actually getting along with the ‘good’ characters from the fairy tales. There was also a brief moment in which Emma called Regina a sociopath, but I have to disagree with that. The sociopath one is Cora, Regina’s mother.

I could talk about a lot of how messed up these people are and believe me, Regina and Rumple are not the (only) bad ones in there. They need psychological help and let me tell you, Dr. Hopper is a good example of inefficient psychologist.

It also talks about good and bad.But not always in the accurate way. Not always the bad is bad and good is not always good.

2. Queer As Folk (US)

In an attempt to understand homosexuality better, I started watching this show. While watching, I realized that it isn’t only about queers, but about all human relationships, which I guess it proved that homosexuals are normal humans and their relationships are no different than straight people’s. That show covers a lot of ground. It has characters that represent a lot of people from society. I heard that show helped a lot of people, but I hope that it helped not only the queer ones, but everyone that watched it.


3. Criminal Minds

It helps you understand how the criminals think and what made them like that. While you shouldn’t take events in tv shows as real, this one is based on the books of John E. Douglas, a FBI profiler (although it doesn’t say nowhere-at least I didn’t read it-that it is based on these books, when I started reading Douglas’ book, Journey Into Darkness , I found the cases similar to those in the show). Although I find their confidence in their analysing methods questionable, it proves that even if it doesn’t make much sense for me, they are always right.

However, the show gives you a lot of insight of the minds of criminals, but also of the minds of other people from society.In an under-layer, it also deals with what is right and what is wrong, good and bad.


4. Sherlock

Even though the most common talk about the show revolves around the question if Sherlock and John Watson have romantic feelings for each other, it reveals a lot of aspects about humans. The main characters and the others are complex and easily misunderstood, their personalities and their relationships with each other and with the other characters, reveals a lot about human nature.



These are the series that I find rich in meanings from the ones I watched. I am pretty sure there are more out there, but if I come across others, I will write about them.  I would say “please leave me your recommendations in the comments’ but I have 1 and half readers which come by once in a blue moon. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Tv Shows That Are More Than Story Telling

  1. Love your inclusion of Queer as Folk in this post, it’s my favorite show of all time! I’ll make sure to check out the others you mention too – Sherlock receives a lot of love amongst my friends so maybe I’ll start with that one. (:

    • How could I not include QAF if I watched it? That show is pure genius, it shows a lot of sides of society and human relationships. And not only queers’, but goddamn it, straight people’s relationships as well! I suggest straight people to watch QAF and better learn a thing or two!

      Beside, Brian is the male version of me, we may not practice the same things, but we sure have almost the same beliefs (I am not against marriage, but I sure think is bullshit and people delude themselves,but is their business).

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