I Have Figured It Out

Not everything, but at least I figured out where I was stuck. Why the writing was such a difficult task to me, why I couldn’t say anything when I had a lot to say, I have figured out these things.

I don’t longer care who finds this blog. Some things happened that the blog being revealed to anyone is not longer a concern.

See? This is how life is. The things that are important now, later may not have any meaning. People change, situations change. That’s life.

First of all, I finally have some resolutions. I will go ahead and say 2 of them, but actually may be just 1.

I will start writing. I finally have a plan and I found out where I was stuck. This is the most important thing going on in my life at the moment.

The second plan that I might have is actually an idea. It occurred to me that even thought I have a better understanding of some situations, I am missing out important stuff. So I plan looking into that.

That’s it. It might took me awhile, but I’m starting this new year in good shape!


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