Define “rich”

I found a text post on tumblr that said: “The problem with rich people is that I am not one”.

The thing is, the word “rich” has different meaning for many people. How much is “rich”? For some may mean 3000$ monthly income, for others 10000$ monthly income, even 100000$ for some. And for some, merely 200$/month is a huge income.

Someone may come at me and say “wealth doesn’t necessarily mean money” and they are right to a certain degree. However, is completely stupid to believe that you don’t need money to be happy as much as it is to believe that having money is all.

Anyway, I want to talk about the value of money and how much of them must one own to be considered “rich”.

How rich you are depends on your lifestyle. If you are spending 300$ per month now and your income is less than that, you are poor. If your monthly income is equal with yous monthly expenses, you are still poor, but the difference is that now you are not depressed. Everything above your monthly expenses start to  become your wealth.

Other factor that determine your wealth is your environment. If you earn just a few $ above your income and your neighbors and friends make way above that, you’re still poor. And the opposite. If you earn the same money, but everyone around you barely can make the ends meet, you’re rich.

There is something that caught my attention. The people who win crazy amounts at the lottery, but end up in big debt.

Is completely obvious that once these people win the money, they quit their work, buy luxury things (mansions, luxury cars), and spread the remaining amounts to relatives and friends. So, they end up having no money left, no job to make other money and a lifestyle they have no longer the means to maintain it, therefore the debt. They would be mad rich if they would keep their lifestyle, or maybe slightly improved.Then the money would last them a long time. They failed to understand that if they changed the lifestyle to that of 100000 $/monthly, they needed to make that money monthly. And the lottery money would be their start money to make a huge business.


So, next time you wish you were rich, better know how rich you want to be.


This was a draft I had made awhile ago, but couldn’t finish. Till now.


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