Life Troubles

Do you have that one friend who gives you the best advice, but their own life is messy? Or are you that one friend?

Is kind of mysterious that a person who has answers for everything, can’t figure out the solutions to their own problems.

Well, let me tell you why.

Being the know-it-all friend myself, I am the one who is there listening carefully to your problems, thinks seriously about some way out of your troubles and finally gives you the solution. Sometimes, I even give more than one.

But my own life is messy. I am thinking endlessly about solutions, but I can’t find the best answers for myself. It was saddening me that I give advice to others’ problems but I am stuck on my own.

Truth is, I find plenty of alternative ways to solve my own problems, but there’s one thing: I can’t discipline myself to act.

Is easy to give advice to other people, because is not you who has to act upon your plan. I am not quite sure that my friends couldn’t come up with their own plan and is me the one shedding light into their darkness. That might be true, but I suspect that they simply couldn’t decide on their own what plan is the best for them or they didn’t have the courage to follow their own intuition. I think they just need to be assured that they made the right decision.

This is true for me. I am not quite sure if I make the right decision. I wish someone could tell me the safe way to follow, but on the other hand I don’t want someone else to make decisions for me. Therefore, my life’s still messy.

I was thinking that maybe I should seek professional help from a psychologist, but the real problem is still there: I don’t want others to make decisions for me. I want to have full control over my life and decisions.

I kind of understand now, why people follow their parents’ plans instead of their own. Is because taking responsibility for your own life is quite scary.

P.S. This was lying in my drafts for few days, but didn’t want to publish it on an emotional state.


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