Kuroko No Basuke Anime: First Impression

I just started watching this anime because I couldn’t resist any longer with all the gifs and photosets on tumblr.

I watched the first 2 episodes and I realized that it wasn’t my first time. I attempted watching this anime awhile ago and I stopped at the same point.

Even though the art is good (I can’t watch/read anything with bad art), I am not quite interested in the plot. (might contain spoilers)

There is a high school new basketball team, with an over aggressive and ambitious new member, Kagami Taiga, who twitch to become the best player in Japan. His plan is compete against all the strong players and surpass them all by himself,looking down on his team mates. His target especially is the legendary “Generation of Miracles” former members.

Ugh! I’m already done with this arrogant character. Ok, is good to have goals and aim high, but Kagami is just arrogant and overconfident in his powers, looking down on others with potential talent. His arrogance rubs me the wrong way and if he was a real person, I would either avoid him or just snap and teach him a lesson. Damn huge brat!

Then, there is the fact that the plot is predictable. We’ll see this new team, with the arrogant brat over-running his mouth and looking down on others, competing against the teams where the former members of Generation of Miracles belong now. The first game will be a huge, ugly failure and teach the damn brat that he’s not all that after all. The brat will see his mistake, but too arrogant to admit it, however he starts to rely on his team mates more. Gradually, the team  members bond and in final we have a strong team consisted of a bunch of friends. And then, the brat will openly acknowledge the other members. All that sprinkled with loads of explanation of basketball techniques that the characters will use.

So, do I want to spend 2-3 days watching that? I’ll probably want in the future, but right now, I don’t. But again, this is the second time I postpone it, what makes me think I will like it in the future? But who knows, maybe I’ll start playing basketball and maybe I will be interested in the said techniques.

P.S. Since is the second time I’m watching it, should I say “second impression”? 😀


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