Vivid Dreams

Has been almost 5 months since I started to have these dreams every night. They are not regular dreams, but nightmares.

Sometimes I am tired and I want to fall asleep, but after few minutes I wake up terrified, with my heart beating fast. I am aware that I am dreaming and I try to wake up so the nasty image will go away, but is not always easy. Have you ever tried to wake yourself up in a dream? Good luck with that.

Sometimes I just go along out of curiosity to see how far I will reach in the dream, but I end up running away from the things that are chasing me till the point when they get bored of chasing and then I wake up. That pisses me off the most. I mean, come on, I stayed asleep and ran the whole night and you just give up? That’s rude,son!

Sometimes, the things are downright scary and then I desperately try to wake up.

Other nights, I simply can’t fall asleep. I can’t even close my eyes, they just stay wide open. Every thought I never thought about before just comes into my mind. All life worries just pop up. The worst is that, no matter how hard I think about solutions, none of them makes sense or seem effective enough.

I just can’t see the way out of this situation. Is not like I can do anything else, I have no choice but staying in bed in the dark, without being able to sleep and wait for the rest to wake up.


2 thoughts on “Vivid Dreams

    • You are right. Even though my life is not eventful, there still has to be some good in my days. Also, I should finally update my playlists, I’ve been putting it off for days. Thanks! 🙂

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