My blog is not here to please

This is not a place where I write for others, is a place to put my thoughts in words. Mainly, because I can’t discuss with anyone in real life. Is true that I don’t have many friends, but I still have some and they don’t share my views and beliefs.

So, from the series of posts that might piss you off, is also the following.

Today, one of my real life friends sent me an invitation to an event on Facebook. As many know or may not know, in Romania, a law that the stray dogs must be euthanatized if they won’t be adopted in 14 days was given the green light. So my friend sent me an invitation to join a protest against that law. I won’t participate because:

1. Is not our problem and we have plenty of problems ourselves to focus on.

2.She is an animal lover and vegan. That means that she believes that every animal should be saved and protected. However, she is not aware of the circumstances that drove the romanian people to take this measure.

First of all, a part of the stray dogs are aggressive. That resulting in attacking people, giving sometimes deadly injuries. I am not kidding. People died from the injuries provoked by dog bites.

What my friend and other “animal lovers” here seems to ignore is that they would be the same as romanians if one of their beloved family members died from stray dogs’ bite.

I would love to see her reaction if she’d met a group of 4-5 angry dogs as she walks from the parking lot to the entrance of the flat where her precious friend lives. I’ve experienced that when I visited Romania and I am really glad that I live in a country that has no stray dogs.

I hate the hypocrisy of some animals lovers. They know how to judge the cruelty, but I see no one of the said people hurrying to adopt the stray animals. Even worse, there are some animals lovers that love only their pet. Or love the dogs but hate the cats. In that case, I’d rather receive no love than their love.


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