WordPress, you’re not Tumblr and will never be

I always found WordPress difficult to use, simply because the admin panel is unnecessarily complicated. Since my last attempt to use it, I noticed that there are quite few changes. Most noticeable is the similarity with Tumblr’s Dashboard, which btw, I still have no idea what to click on admin’s panel to reach it. I found it till now by luck kinda, clicking on various stuff. This, however, shows that WordPress is just jealous of Tumblr’s popularity. They thought that if they gave user the same blogging tools, they’ll win bloggers affection and loyalty. They fail to understand something. WordPress is like the man who gives his woman expensive gifts and wonders why is she still unhappy.

They fail to understand that Tumblr and WordPress are different and serve different purpose. Tumblr is not a blogging platform by the traditional meaning.  Tumblr lacks one essential thing that traditional blogs have: comments section. This, however, is one of Tumblr’s charms.

Tumblr blogs are called blogs, but they actually aren’t exactly that. Are much more than that. Tumblr is like a blog+facebook+twitter+instagram+diary.

Tumblr is for those who have something to say, but don’t have the skills to write about, or simply are too lazy to write essays about the fact that their favorite flowers are, say, roses. Or that they saw a nice picture on a website and they liked it. People make short posts that are too lengthy for 140 characters that Twitter limits them to use, and sometimes too “scandalous” to post on Facebook. Or, like in case of Twitter, they reblog other people’s posts, pictures, quotes, videos meaning that they share the same thoughts, like the same things or, in contrary, that they disagree and add their own opinion.

On Tumblr, the main thing is the dashboard, where you see the posts of those you follow. People post multiple posts per day, but nobody mind it.  When you see something that you like or caught your attention, you reblog it from your dashboard. As Tumblr lacks the “comments” feature, the success of a post is measured in “notes”. Notes are the number of people who liked or/and reblogged your post. People usually don’t even visit the blogs they follow, they read the entire posts on their dashboard. This is the reason why Tumblr is such a bad place for putting ads. Meanwhile you might have, lets say, 1200 followers that see all your posts daily, probably only 10 of them check your posts on your blog regularly.

Meanwhile, WordPress (and of course Blogger) is meant for lengthy posts! On Tumblr, very few people will read your essay, the majority will scroll past posts that are longer than 2 paragraphs, unless there is something in the title that catch their eye and interest instantly. Of course, everyone is free to post essays on their Tumblr, but if their blog is mostly of essays, it won’t have many followers though.

Lets be real now, how many would check a WordPress blog daily if the owner posted only a picture or a video per day? And how many would accept to follow a blog on WordPress that has 50 posts of  single pictures or single quotes per day?


WordPress improved in one aspect, that surpasses even Blogger: the following tool.  People usually make custom themes and even when they change their domain, the “follow” button just disappears. The only way you could still follow a blog was via e-mail, but personally I don’t like to get 20-30 emails per day from blogs I follow. I want their updates, but not in my e-mail!  So, now, WordPress has that thinggie that till now only bloglovin’ had: you insert a blog’s url and you can follow from there! Fantastic!

So, WordPress, if you want to be romantic with your users, don’t copy what other blogging platforms do to have success with users, but LEARN to be romantic and the success is guaranteed. 😀

P.S.  From the 4 visits that I have on this blog till now (2 being me, logged out), one of 2 people that visited my blog, and read the 3 posts that I made till now, has an advice blog on how to be grown up adult. I understand that by following my blog, which has 3 posts that I am sure that the owner doesn’t care about, they wanted to make me check their blog. So one of 2 people who visited my blog thought that I am an immature adult and I need advice on how to mentally grow up! 😀 That flatters me coz it meas I am doing a good job at being myself. 😀

Of course, is possible that the person who followed me liked my 3 posts and that’s the reason why they followed. That, and to make me check their blog, of course. 😀

P.P.S. I am happy with myself that I didn’t give up on this blog yet. I was tempted to give up few times already, especially on this posts, but I didn’t. Seems like I am on a good path. Yay! 😀


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