Utaite Craze

Recently, I started to pay more attention to my Last.fm account and I am actively changing tags and singers’ names in my computer to match the site’s names. Also, I made it my goal to level up in the last.fm user levels (ranks?).

In my music, I have also a singer named Valshe. I had only one song by them, but I liked that song so much, that when I started to build up my last.fm library, I wanted to have more songs of that singer in there.

So, looking Valshe up, I discovered a whole new world, made of  Utaites. I discovered a bunch of singers that are truly amazing!

First of all, these people usually use as their official image an original manga character . For example, Valshe despite the fact that is female, her manga character is that of a male and matches perfectly to her deep, manly voice.

Secondly, seems like their life goal is to make you doubt your eyes and ears as some can perfectly sing in male AND female voice. I still have difficulties to figure out if is Piko or other female singer on my playlist, when I’m not looking at it. And there is this utaite named Senka , who covered this song called Pierrot in which his trap is easily noticed. When I listened to it (way before finding Valshe, but I just didn’t know it was Senka singing, or even who Senka was), I thought it was a duet, of a male and female, but just recently I found out it is THE FREAKING SAME PERSON!

Here, if you don’t believe me:

Anyway, what I want to say is that I freaking love the utaites and I feel like I’ve become addicted. Another favorite of mine is Mi-chan , which I think is the only one that the voice and appearance match the gender. 😀

All in all, utaites are worth checking out, there’s some good ones out there, with cool/interesting voices and music.

From all the covers that are out there, my favorite is this duet cover of a song called “Magnet” (god knows who sang it first), whose lyrics make you rise an eyebrow when is covered by a male duet. And maaan! Girls LOVE to request this song from their male utaite idols! My favorite version is sung by Nero and Pokota.

Check it out:

But Mi-chan’s and Remyu ‘s version is also good and explains why girls (ok, by girls, I mean yaoi fangirls xD ) like to request it:

And at last, but not least, the song that made me discover another world: Valshe’s Another Sky ❤


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